Asia Trip 2018 Letter 3


As I write this, we are sitting in the airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between flights from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia. Chris’s class in Chiang Mai finished yesterday (Saturday) just before noon, and we took the afternoon to visit an Hmong village and see some sights in the mountains above the city. The roads, though paved, were very steep and narrow, but the views were amazing.

The class went quite well. Dr. Creech (Chris) and Dr. Lee (Shooter) led the class of five men - all pastors and church leaders from the Sikkim region of India, an area between Nepal and Bhutan, bordering China. I am thoroughly impressed by these men. They are all quite skilled in what they do. Two are pastors. They are excellent leaders, not afraid of confrontation. Two are in other senior leadership roles in the church, and one is an evangelist. All these men took the course quite seriously, and treated me and my silly questions with far more respect than I deserve. I am glad to know them, and I have great hope for the church in Sikkim and the surrounding areas because of their influence.

The class from India, with Dr Creech (front center) and Dr Jun (left front) - I’m in the far back.
Class from India

Chris & Faith on the balcony of the resort we visited on our last day
Chris & Faith

The view from a retreat that an Hmong pastor - a friend of Shooter’s - has been building on a mountaintop North of Chiang Mai
View from mountaintop retreat