By God’s grace, through your support and prayers, I have received sufficient funding to go with Chris and Faith Creech on a month-long trip to Southeast Asia. I pray that as I go, I may be helpful, quick to listen, quick to learn, and quick to serve. Please pray for Chris’ students and for Faith’s health.

I wish to be accountable to God and to you. Since I am not going with a missions agency, yet I am relying on the contributions of others for this trip, I believe it necessary to discuss finances in this letter. If you are uninterested in such matters, feel free to skip to the last few sentences of the next paragraph.

To date, I have received $2310 for this trip. On top of that, I have paid for the first flight out-of pocket ($526). The remainder of the flights cost $1155. The hotel reservation (in Singapore) cost $521, and I have plans to stay in apartments or dorms at the seminaries where Chris is teaching. These should cost between $300 and $500 total. In addition, I have budgeted about $450 for food and about $300 for other expenses. The budgeted cost of the trip is $3,452, of which I am unsure of about $300, and of which about $300 is completely personal expenses. Subtracting those and the cost of the first flight leaves $2326, or $16 more than has been provided. I am convinced that God speaks through our finances. He has proven to me that He is more than able to provide all that I need. I pray that I may honor His provision!

However, more than finances, I and the Creeches rely on your prayers. Thank you for praying and for participating in the ministry. May it bear good fruit!

We leave on January 12th, and Lordwilling, I will return on February 10th. The Creeches will remain for a few days to meet with and encourage old friends.

I am nervous about flying for so long - the first set of flights involves 5 planes, 9½ hours of layovers, and losing 15 hours (or gaining 9?), in addition to arriving two and a half days after we leave. I hope some of the seats will be comfortable and my neck will remain un-cramped from odd sleeping positions. Fortunately, the last set of flights only involves two planes and a single 5-hour layover.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer.

Ethan Moore