I am broken. I am needy, and I am incomplete. I am unloved.

I long for the touch of a hand, a cheek pressed to mine, of someone who cares for me. I long for the deep, meaningful conversations that change the world. I long for the quick glance in an instant fully shared. I long for the embrace of a hello even long before the bittersweet embrace of a goodbye. I long to be the best I can be at something (but I’m too afraid to practice at it).

I need human contact. I need emotional contact. I need physical contact. I need beauty.

I hate that I need anything.
I hate that I want anything.
I hate that I hate things about myself.

I can’t fix this alone.

I hope I never have to.
I love you all; I hope you see that in what I do;
I hope that you really know that I love you deeply.

Forgive me for letting go of friendship so easily and for taking too long to form strong bonds.

You are human and so am I.