I am tempted to be devious. I enjoy disappearing and hiding behind the masks I am accustomed to wearing. However, there is so much worth in transparency, in being who I am. I am a simple lover of nature, of beauty, of life.

I am always tempted to be distant. I am an introvert; I am paranoid that I will be predictable and easy. It is so much better to be understandable, reachable, and loving. People reach out to others who aren’t afraid of who they are.

Emotional masks are what I slide into, but there are other ways people hide. Many hide behind name brands, clothing, or cleanliness. This is no better than hiding your emotions. You are not a brand. Be who you are, in action and in appearance. That attracts people more than anything else.

Being genuine is worth more than you can imagine. Don’t be afraid. Be yourself.