Dreams are reality perceived. Past is present becoming future. Thought blends with perception to create experience. Insanity is when thought creates more of experience than perception. Who, apart from the experience, can say which is real?

Reality is subjective within experience. Though reality exists outside of perception, the subject of that perception does not perceive or experience reality wholly or entirely as it is. All creatures have a filter. Humans are blind to what is not directly in front of them.

In some traditions, time runs in non-linear fashion. Wherever this came from, it is interesting: if every time you experience can be experienced again, and can happen again, how would it change your actions? Everything you do still has an effect. Everything you remember has happened, but that is not the end of that experience.

Perhaps nothing will change because of this realization, but it helps to let go of memories; it helps me let go of ownership in general. I can remember and be changed, it is possible that I will go through the same experience again and have the opportunity to change my actions. So I let go, I start over.

So tell me I’m crazy. Only I can change my perception of how reality works.