The land cries deeply. It’s voice is difficult to hear, and what it says few among men wish to know.

I am the land, from which God called you forth. Once you used me well, and I treated you well in return. Man has always been greedy, but in his greed, there were few enough men that his greed mattered little. Now there are many men and their greed is too great for me. I am breaking, being cut and gouged and burned. In my pain, I offer you this warning: If I die, so will you. I know few will hear my cries. I know that I am too slow and have too little concentrated power to stop you on my own. Only God can change you enough to save me, and I do not think He will, for He cares for you above all else in spite of your greed.

Just as all living things have their time and die, I know I cannot last forever. No living thing remains unchanged by time. Every species has its age, wanes and dies. Though humans are different, their souls lingering long after their bodies have gone, still the race changes. It, too, will someday end. Life is as inevitable as death, and fear ought take no part.