I need hot water.

That is to say, I need some liquid uniformly in the range of 85-98 deg. Celsius that closely approximates the effect on my body that water does.

And when I say I need hot water, what I really mean is that I need something that consists almost entirely of water with any variety of low-level nontoxic minerals and chemicals in it that will not have any serious negative effects on my health. The parts of this drink (for that is what I intend to do with it) that do not consist of water and chemicals I would like to consist of bits and pieces of certain flavorful plants, namely those piney leaves of the plant that is here known as tea. But, there cannot be too much of any of the parts of this plant. A few flavonoids, certainly. And a small amount of caffeine and tannin (but not much at all, really) and various sugars and oxidized, dark bits of the tea that was cooked or aged to better the flavor.

But what do I mean by flavor?

And certainly my ‘need’ is not so great as to be called such.

And my craving for this heterogeneous mixture of elements is actually an addiction, a reaction in my brain that tells me it desperately wants certain chemicals that I associate with certain flavors in the tea.

And this need is not only to have this specific brew, and not only to drink it, but to experience an emotional stirring, a reminiscence and an emotional warmth along with drinking.

And it might be far easier, if much less satisfying, to simply ask for and describe a certain chemical composition of the thing I wish to consume, but that breaks the very essence of experience.

Such is the human condition.